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Warrior is a growing city just 22 miles from downtown Birmingham, the largest city in Alabama. Despite its close proximity to the big city conveniences, it has maintained its small town charm. It's the type of city where neighbors talk to each other and share tools. Children play in the neighborhood and can walk to school in the downtown area.

Living in Warrior means that you have the opportunity to learn the names of your local fireman and grocery store clerk, and that you'll likely see the same faces on your morning walks. Like any small town, there are a wide variety of people, and that's what makes it interesting! One of the greatest things about Warrior is experiencing the local shops, mostly owned by residents of the city.

Renting equipment to work on your home from K&K Rental is more enjoyable because you will know that Keith and Kim live right down the road in a pretty white house with their children. Kim and Keith support other local business. Kim has a talent for gardening, and Keith can build just about anything. Now, how do I know this? Because I frequently walk down the street to see what smells so great on their grill. And, they share. It's that kind of town.

Have you ever tasted really amazing Southern ribs and barbeque? Well, maybe you have, but unless you've tasted the ribs from Big Daddy's, you haven't tasted the winning ribs from The Birmingham News' "Best Ribs in Birmingham" competition. That's right-they beat Dreamland. And as my civic duty demands, I often stop in to sample the food-just to make sure it's safe for my neighbors.

And on most Tuesdays and Thursdays, locals head over to Burn's BBQ for their special lunch. On those days, they make the most heavenly Southern vegetables and meats, and serve them in generous portions on surprisingly affordable plates. Arrive early, because they sell out almost every time!

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